Ashley Chanel is ready for the world.     

Her debut album #RIGHTNOW  was released May 25, 2018.  With a butter smooth rhythm and feel that's laced in jazz and spiked with consciousness, this album is just what music lovers need right now. Produced by Trap Noir (The Internet, Courtnie, Soft Streak) and featuring musicians Alex Hahn, Paul Cornish, Colin Cook and band members from Katalyst and Korduroy, some of LA's best musicians were secured to bring Ashley Chanel's songs to life. The first visual single off the album, "Creamin' Like," has drawn comparisons to Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. Songs On the Daily added the single to their Spotify playlist. The second visual single “I Wonder” was premiered on Aipate Magazine to great acclaim. The track "Put It On Me" was featured on The Future is Female Spotify playlist created by Madame Ghandi. Her latest visual single "Everything" has been added to over 10 Spotify playlists.  The title track was the first song written for the album as a way to get her out of the depression that came with having to leave USC in the middle of her junior year due the inability to afford tuition. While watching an episode of Super Soul Sunday, Oprah Winfrey shared the key to maintaining her successful career and overall joy in life was learning the importance of approaching each moment with undivided attention and intention. Feeling like her life was in limbo Ashley took those words to heart and decided to put her energy into creating her debut album #RIGHTNOW. From that interview she realized there is nothing more important than the moment we are in right now and if given the focus it deserves life becomes much better. 

Each song on #RIGHTNOW  reflects what's going on right now through the eyes of young woman who put on a benefit concert to go back to school and graduated from USC in 2016, who grew up in the suburbs of La Palma, CA, who's experienced the struggle of growing up as a black female and triumph of going after everything she was told she couldn’t do, who is navigating new adulthood in the turbulent America of today and someone who despite all suggestions of society is proud of who she is.    

Ashley Chanel grew up on jazz, Motown, psychedelic funk and everything that was played on Radio Disney. She is influenced by the innovative, captivating artistry of Michael Jackson and the bold, unrelenting fierceness of Beyoncé. Her drive to consistently push herself to be better is because of them. While she’s inspired by many singer songwriters it was Teena Marie who motivated Ashley to write all the songs on her first album. In the new age of digital music it was important for Ashley to record with a live band and infuse the creativity that digital music brings. Songs were recorded at Trap Noir and Blue Dream Studios and the album was mastered by Andrew Garver (Moonchild, The Doobie Brothers).    

Currently, Ashley is preparing to go on her first tour and will release more visual singles off #RIGHTNOW .  

Ashley Chanel is a dreamer, lover, fighter, laugher, deep feeler, and a thinker. She debuted herself as an artist in 2018. Be ready for her in 2019.